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Salidroside and its aglycone tyrosol are important compounds found in Rhodiola plants. In this study, callus derived from Rhodiola crenulata was induced and grown when explants were incubated on a Murashige and Skoog (MS) medium containing various concentrations of 6-benzyaldenine (BA), naphthalene acetic acid (NAA) and thidiazuron (TDZ). Callus was easily(More)
In this study, we extracted and purified components in the Angong Niuhuang pill. Then we applied transdermal enhancers to Angong Niuhuang stickers by modern technology. The Angong Niuhuang sticker includes extracts from curcuma, berberine hydrochloride, baicalin, geniposide, borneol, and musk. Angong Niuhuang stickers at different point application doses(More)
Chrysanthemyl diphosphate synthase (CDS) is the first pathway-specific enzyme in the biosynthesis of pyrethrins, the most widely used plant-derived pesticide. CDS catalyzes c1'-2-3 cyclopropanation reactions of two molecules of dimethylallyl diphosphate (DMAPP) to yield chrysanthemyl diphosphate (CPP). Three proteins are known to catalyze this(More)
CONTEXT Currently, there is a dramatically growing interest in Chinese traditional medicines, especially in the therapy of inflammatory diseases. Taurocholic acid (TCA), as a kind of natural bioactive substance of animal bile acid, has medicinal applications to treat a wide range of inflammatory diseases. OBJECTIVE The study was designed to evaluate the(More)
Multidrug resistance mediated by P-glycoprotein in cancer cells has been a major issue that cripples the efficacy of chemotherapy agents. Aimed for improved efficacy against resistant cancer cells, we designed and synthesized 25 oxindole derivatives based on indirubin by structure-activity relationship analysis. The most potent one was named PH II-7, which(More)
OBJECTIVE To study on the detoxification effect of sinamine in morphine-dependent rats. METHODS Morphine-dependent rats were induced by injecting morphine on dosage increasing by degrees, then treated with medication. The withdrawal symptoms, body weight and NE, DA, 5-HT in the brain were tested. RESULTS Sinamine could alleviate withdrawal symptom,(More)
Hollow fiber cell fishing, based on HepG-2, SKOV-3, and ACHN cancer cells, and hollow fiber liquid/solid microextraction with HPLC were developed and introduced for researching the anticancer activity of Rhizoma Curcumae Longae, Radix Curcumae, and Rhizoma Curcumae. The structures of curcumin, demethoxycurcumin, and bisdemethoxycurcumin screened were(More)
Osmanthus fragrans is an ornamental and economically important plant known for its magnificent aroma, and the most important aroma-active compounds in flowers are monoterpenes, mainly β-ocimene, linalool and linalool derivatives. To understand the molecular mechanism of monoterpene production, we analyzed the emission and accumulation patterns of these(More)
Endogenous ribonucleotides and deoxyribonucleotides are essential metabolites that play important roles in a broad range of key cellular functions. Their intracellular levels could also reflect the action of nucleoside analogues. We investigated the effects of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) on ribonucleotide and deoxyribonucleotide pool sizes in cells upon exposure(More)