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7.3 A 40nm low-power transceiver for LTE-A Carrier Aggregation
This work describes an adaptive RX that can adjust trade-offs between power consumption and RX performance, allowing significant power reduction under normal field conditions. Expand
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9.7 An LTE SAW-less transmitter using 33% duty-cycle LO signals for harmonic suppression
This work presents a CIM3 suppression technique by removing the undesired 3rd-harmonic component in the LO signal through LO duty-cycle selection. Expand
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Reciprocal regulation between hepcidin and erythropoiesis and its therapeutic application in erythroid disorders.
Iron is required for hemoglobin production, and it plays a key role during erythropoiesis. Systemic iron homeostasis is mainly negatively regulated by the peptide hormone hepcidin, coded by the geneExpand
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2.5 A high-efficiency multiband Class-F power amplifier in 0.153µm bulk CMOS for WCDMA/LTE applications
  • Jenwei Ko, X. Guo, +6 authors Caiyi Wang
  • Engineering, Computer Science
  • IEEE International Solid-State Circuits…
  • 1 February 2017
This paper describes a multiband WCDMA/LTE PA fabricated in a low-cost 0.153µm bulk CMOS process that has the highest PAE among published CMOS PAs in [1–6]. Expand
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A 65-nm GSM/GPRS/EDGE SoC With Integrated BT/FM
A quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE cellular system, implemented in 65-nm CMOS, is integrated in a multimedia SoC with BT and FM. Expand
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21.4 An LTE-A Multimode Multiband RF Transceiver with 4RX/2TX Inter-Band Carrier Aggregation, 2-Carrier 4×4 MIMO with 256QAM and HPUE Capability in 28nm CMOS
We present a 28nm CMOS LTE-A transceiver, capable of supporting up to 4 inter- band downlink (or 2-carrier $4 \times 4$ downlink MIMO) and 2 inter-band uplink CA concurrently while adopting ADPLLs for RX and TX with 256-QAM capability. Expand
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A 65nm GSM/GPRS/EDGE SoC with Integrated BT/FM
A highly integrated RF transceiver for GSM/GPRS/EDGE application is implemented in a 65nm SOC with BT and FM systems. Techniques are employed to minimize the coupling and interference effects amongExpand
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Edge Detection of Level Ruler with Digital Level
The digital level displacement surveys, the rod barcode image's marginal check are affects its measuring accuracy the important link. Expand
Current situation and prospect of fertility preservation in male cancer patients
With the rapid development of tumor subjects and the advance of medical technology, tumor mortality is declining in spite of the increase in tumor incidence. The male survivors pay more and moreExpand