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In practical applications of gaze tracking systems, because the glasses and accessories often degrade the accuracy of eye detection and gaze tracking, the pre-processing to eliminate these factors is extremely essential for gaze tracking systems. In this paper, a gray difference-based pre-processing scheme is proposed, which utilizes the gray difference(More)
Salient regions detection is becoming more and more important due to its useful application in image representation and understanding. The accurate detection of salient regions can reduce the complexity and improve the efficiency of image processing. In this paper, a visual attention model based on multi-scale local contrast of low level features is(More)
SIFT is a scale and rotation invariant feature point extraction algorithm, and it has a high robustness of local feature representation. SIFT expression method is based on the detection of multi-scale extreme points of the difference of Gaussian image pyramid and gradient direction. This article describes a face based on Gabor wavelet transform facial area,(More)
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