Caixia Yang

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The coordinating atoms in polydentate chelates are primarily heteroatoms. We present the first examples of pentadentate chelates with all binding atoms of the chelating agent being carbon atoms, denoted as CCCCC chelates. Having up to five metal-carbon bonds in the equatorial plane has not been previously observed in transition metal chemistry. Density(More)
Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is one of the most important imaging technologies used in clinical diagnosis. Reporter genes for MRI can be applied to accurately track the delivery of cell in cell therapy, evaluate the therapy effect of gene delivery, and monitor tissue/cell-specific microenvironments. Commonly used reporter genes for MRI usually include(More)
SIFT is a scale and rotation invariant feature point extraction algorithm, and it has a high robustness of local feature representation. SIFT expression method is based on the detection of multi-scale extreme points of the difference of Gaussian image pyramid and gradient direction. This article describes a face based on Gabor wavelet transform facial area,(More)
Spatial spectrum estimation of is an important branch of array signal processing. A multi-scale system theory is the key to the multi-scale system to define a new concept, which is similar to the discrete time system Z transform. This paper mainly introduces the spatial spectrum estimation of beam forming method, linear prediction method, subspace method,(More)
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