Caixia Huang

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The carcass size performances and the meat quality of Gannan and Sibu yak were determined using M. supraspinatus (SU), M. longissimus thoracis (LT) and M.quadriceps femoris (QF). It is found that Sibu yak had significantly higher carcass weight (CW) than Gannan yak with difference of nearly 40 kg, as well as significantly higher eye muscle area (EMA),(More)
Stream processors, with the stream programming model, have demonstrated significant performance advantages in the domains signal processing, multimedia and graphics applications. In this paper we examine the applicability of a stream processor to 2-D Jacobi iteration which is widely used to solve partial differential equations, an important class of(More)
In this work, a novel zinc phthalocyanine tetrasulfonic acid (ZnTsPc)-functionalized graphene nanocomposites (f-GN) was synthesized by a simple and efficient electrostatic self-assembly method, where the positive charged GN decorated by (3-aminopropyl) triethoxysilane (APTES) was self-assemblied with ZnTsPc, a two dimensional (2-D) molecules. It not only(More)
Since the nature of the exosomal lipid bilayer can allow miRNAs to be protected from degradation by cellular RNAses in body fluids, exosomal microRNA (miRNA) has become an ideal source of non-invasive biomarkers for the early diagnosis and prognosis. In this paper, a new surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) analysis strategy combining stable SERS(More)
Accurate determination of intracellular glucose is very important for exploring its chemical and biological functions in metabolism events of living cells. In this paper, we developed a new noninvasive and highly selective nanokit for intracellular glucose monitoring via two-step recognition. The liposome-based nanokit coencapsulated the(More)
This paper presented a new method for four wheel in-wheel-motored electric vehicle to improve handling and stability with the help of sideslip angle observer and braking force distribution. The first part of this study deals with the full description of the basic theory of vehicle dynamic control system. After that four wheels in-wheel-motored electric(More)
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