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A recent genetic linkage map was employed to detect quantitative trait loci (QTLs) associated with Vibrio anguillarum resistance in Japanese flounder. An F1 family established and challenged with V. anguillarum in 2009 was used for QTL mapping. Of the 221 simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers used to detect polymorphisms in the parents of F1, 170 were(More)
Due to irreversible neuronal loss and glial scar deposition, spinal cord injury (SCI) ultimately results in permanent neurological dysfunction. Neuronal regeneration of neural stem cells (NSCs) residing in the spinal cord could be an ideal strategy for replenishing the lost neurons and restore function. However, many myelin-associated inhibitors in the SCI(More)
Neural stem cells (NSCs) transplantation is a promising strategy to restore neuronal relays and neurological function of injured spinal cord because of the differentiation potential into functional neurons, but the transplanted NSCs often largely diffuse from the transplanted site and mainly differentiate into glial cells rather than neurons due to the(More)
In order to probe into the enzymological mechanism for the regulation of lanthanum chloride (LaCl3) on flavonoid synthesis in plants under enhanced ultraviolet-B (UV-B) radiation, the effects of LaCl₃ (20 and 60 mg l(-1)) on the content of flavonoids as well as the activities of phenylalanine ammonia-lyase (PAL), cinnamate-4-hydroxylase (C4H), 4-coumarate :(More)
To explore how lead (Pb) and acid rain simultaneously affect plants, the combined effects of Pb and acid rain on the chlorophyll content, chlorophyll fluorescence reaction, Hill reaction rate, and Mg2+-ATPase activity in soybean seedlings were investigated. The results indicated that, when soybean seedlings were treated with Pb or acid rain alone, the(More)
Traumatic spinal cord injury (SCI) is a major challenge in the clinic. In this study, we sought to examine the synergistic effects of linear ordered collagen scaffold (LOCS) and human placenta-derived mesenchymal stem cells (hPMSCs) when transplanted into completely transected beagle dogs. After 36 weeks observation, we found that LOCS+hPMSCs implants(More)
The complement system is important in the innate immune response. C1q-domain-containing proteins have multiple functions and occur extensively in invertebrates and vertebrates. In this study, PoC1ql3 encoding a C1q-domain-containing protein in the Japanese flounder was identified. The 266-amino-acid polypeptide encoded, PoC1ql3, shares high sequence and(More)
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