Caitlyn Ridenour

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A rapid enzyme immunoassay antigen detection system (Chlamydiazyme) was used to screen 199 asymptomatic, third-trimester women. Fifty-two (26%) were Chlamydiazyme positive; they were mostly primiparous, single, young and black. Infected women were offered erythromycin therapy, counseling and posttherapy retesting. Sexual partners were treated likewise.(More)
Melanocortin 4 receptor (MC4R) variants contribute to human obesity, and rats lacking functional MC4R (Mc4rK314X/K314X) are obese. We investigated the hypothesis that low energy expenditure (EE) and physical activity contribute to this obese phenotype in male rats, and determined whether lack of functional MC4R conferred protection from weight loss during(More)
This retrospective study examined the outcome in 42 women with early stage (FIGO I/II) endometrial adenocarcinoma (papillary, n = 22 and nonpapillary, n = 20). In patients with papillary carcinoma, median survival was longer when surgery and/or radiotherapy was applied (18 to 36 months) than when such treatment was not used or systemic progestational(More)
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