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The DIRC is a totally internally reflecting Cherenkov imaging detector proposed for particle identification at the asymmetric e + e − B factories. First test results from a conceptual prototype using cosmic muons are reported. The photo-electron yield and the single Cherenkov photon resolution at various track dip angles and positions along the radiator bar(More)
Understanding gene expression and metabolic re-programming that occur in response to limiting nitrogen (N) conditions in crop plants is crucial for the ongoing progress towards the development of varieties with improved nitrogen use efficiency (NUE). To unravel new details on the molecular and metabolic responses to N availability in a major food crop, we(More)
We have searched for the inclusive reaction @-+ e*X using a tagged sample of 68 D$ produced in the reaction eSe-+ O,fO,*T at a center-of-mass energy of 4.14 GeV. The tagged sample consists of the decays 0:-+ &r+, ot + E*'li'+ and Q+-+ ro1(+. We determine B(@ + e+X) = 0.05~~:~~ f 0.02, which corresponds to a limit of B(&! + e+X) < 0.20, at the 90% confidence(More)
We report on operational experience with and experimental performance of the SLD barrel Cherenkov Ring Imaging Detector from the 1992 and 1993 physics runs. The liquid (C6F14) and gas (C5F12) radiator recirculation systems have performed well, and the drift gas supply system has operated successfully with TMAE for three years. Cherenkov rings have been(More)
We report a high statistics study of the inclusive decay properties of the charmed Do and D+ mesons, and the first inclusive study of the charmed 0:. The data are collected at fi = 3.77GeV and fi = 4.14GeV with the Mark III detector at the eSe-storage ring SPEAR. For each charmed meson species, the charged-particle multiplicity, the strangeness content of(More)
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