Caitlin Morris

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Hippocampal place cells respond heterogeneously to elemental changes of a compound spatial context, suggesting that they form a distributed code of context, whereby context information is shared across a population of neurons. The question arises as to what this distributed code might be useful for. The present study explored two possibilities: one, that it(More)
Wort, has been found to exhibit many medicinal, especially anti-depressant, properties. Hypericin is thought to be the main chemical constituent responsible for H. perforatum's medicinal properties. We report here the ability of H. perforatum and hypericin to inhibit the growth of mouse mammary cancer CRL2539 cells. H. perforatum, at concentrations of 0.4%(More)
  • Mauricio Gutiérrez Arguedas, Joseph W. Perry, +14 authors Samuel Musser
  • 2015
To my parents, my brother, and the rest of my family. iii ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS In 2009, after getting my bachelor's degree from the University of Costa Rica, I decided to go abroad to pursue a Ph.D. This decision had both academic and personal reasons: I wanted to learn about science, but also about life. In these 5 years, I have had the immense fortune to(More)
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