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In addition to its classical effects on opioid receptors, morphine can activate glia and stimulate the production of pro-inflammatory immune molecules which in turn counteract the analgesic properties of morphine. We hypothesized that decreased morphine analgesia in females may be the result of exaggerated microglial activation in brain regions critical for(More)
There is strong evidence that the immune system changes dramatically during pregnancy in order to prevent the developing fetus from being "attacked" by the maternal immune system. Due to these alterations in peripheral immune function, many women that suffer from autoimmune disorders actually find significant relief from their symptoms throughout pregnancy;(More)
Postpartum depression is a specific type of depression that affects approximately 10-15% of mothers [28]. While many have attributed the etiology of postpartum depression to the dramatic change in hormone levels that occurs immediately postpartum, the exact causes are not well-understood. It is well-known, however, that pregnancy induces a number of(More)
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