Caitlin I Looby

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Few studies have investigated how soil fungal communities respond to elevation, especially within TMCF (tropical montane cloud forests). We used an elevation gradient in a TMCF in Costa Rica to determine how soil properties, processes, and community composition of fungi change in response to elevation and across seasons. As elevation increased, soil(More)
Few studies have been done on the ecology of Bromelia pinguin (Bromeliaceae), a bromeliad with unique characteristics found throughout Central America and the Caribbean. In particular, the fruit pulp has antifungal properties against many fungal strains. We looked at the differences in belowground nutrient processes and the microbial community within(More)
Bromelia pinguin (Bromeliaceae) is a terrestrial bromeliad commonly found under forest stands throughout the Neotropics that has been shown to have antifungal activity in vitro. We have hypothesized that this bromeliad would also have an effect on the fungal populations in nearby soil by decreasing fungaldiversity and negatively impacting C and N(More)
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