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A method is presented for measurement of triglyceride (TG) synthesis that can be applied to slow-turnover lipids. The glycerol moiety of TG is labeled from 2H2O, and mass isotopomer distribution analysis (MIDA) is applied. Mice and rats were given 4-8% 2H2O in drinking water; TG-glycerol was isolated from adipose and liver during < or =12-wk of 2H2O(More)
Turner, S. M., E. J. Murphy, R. A. Neese, F. Antelo, T. Thomas, A. Agarwal, C. Go, and M. K. Hellerstein. Measurement of TG synthesis and turnover in vivo by H2O incorporation into the glycerol moiety and application of MIDA. Am J Physiol Endocrinol Metab 285: E790–E803, 2003. First published June 24, 2003; 10.1152/ajpendo.00402.2002.— A method is presented(More)
Die heutigen Umweltbedingungen eines Krankenhauses entwickeln sich durch wissenschaftliche Erkenntnisse in der Medizin, sich ständig ändernde wirtschaftliche und rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen sowie gesellschaftliche Entwicklungen (z. B. demographischer Wandel in einer hohen Geschwindigkeit). Zudem sind Krankenhäuser von unterschiedlichsten – sich teilweise(More)
Today’s recipe search websites, which simply present a list of recipes to click through, do not provide efficient ways to compare recipes and understand the differences between them. Our visualization captures the variation in ingredient composition by graphing the amount of the most common ingredients in related recipes, allowing users to sort and explore(More)
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