Caitlin D Riley

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Socially indiscriminate attachment behavior has been repeatedly observed among institutionally reared children. Socially indiscriminate behavior has also been associated with aggression and hyperactivity. However, available data rely heavily on caregiver report of indiscriminate behavior. In addition, few studies have been conducted with samples of(More)
The National Health Services in Wales has adopted a strategic approach based on health gain. Five approaches to meeting this problem are considered (i) eliminating basic inefficiencies; (ii) eliminating unnecessary clinical activity; (iii) doing what is done now but differently; (iv) investing now to save later and (v) withdrawing from a particular area of(More)
The National Health Service in Wales, through the work of the Welsh Health Planning Forum (WHPF), has developed a new and exciting way of planning and managing its services. This encourages consumers to exert influence from the individual right through to the national level. Furthermore, managers are required to seek out and involve people, and to take(More)
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