Caio M Moreira

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The amygdala has a crucial role in detecting motivationally significant inputs and in communicating relevant information to other limbic structures. Behavioural studies have shown that the central (CeA) and basolateral (BLA) nuclei of amygdala differentially regulate conditioned and unconditioned fear. Indeed, much evidence has accumulated suggesting that(More)
The role of the amygdala in the mediation of fear and anxiety has been extensively investigated. However, how the amygdala functions during the organization of the anxiety-like behaviors generated in the elevated plus maze (EPM) is still under investigation. The basolateral (BLA) and the central (CeA) nuclei are the main input and output stations of the(More)
In order to promote IPM programmes in potato, the toxicity of 19 fungicides, 4 herbicides and 11 insecticides commonly used in this crop in Belgium was assessed on three beneficial arthropods. These species were representative of the most important aphid specific natural enemies encountered in potatoes: a parasitic wasp--Aphidius rhopalosiphi (De(More)
Osteoporosis, a metabolic disease characterized by low bone mass, deterioration of the bone tissue microarchitecture and increased susceptibility to fractures, is commonly regarded as a women's health problem. This point of view is based on the fact that compared with men, women have lower bone mineral density and longer lifespans and lose bone mass faster,(More)
The pegmatite mineral qingheiite Na2(Mn(2+),Mg,Fe(2+))2(Al,Fe(3+))(PO4)3 has been studied by a combination of SEM and EMP, Raman and infrared spectroscopy. The studied sample was collected from the Santa Ana pegmatite, Argentina. The mineral occurs as a primary mineral in lithium bearing pegmatite, in association with beausite and lithiophilite. The Raman(More)
Osteoporosis is the leading cause of fractures in the population older than 50 years. This silent disease affects primarily postmenopausal women and the elderly, and the morbidity and mortality rates are high. The main goal of treating osteoporosis is the prevention of fractures. The identification of populations at risk through early diagnosis and(More)
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