Cailiang Shen

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In this paper, we introduce a novel method to display a famous Chinese ancient painting for the purpose of cultural heritage preservation. In order to animate the painting, some objects are extracted from the repainted painting and redrawn with three dimensional figures. Consequently the computer animation and Image-based rendering techniques are used to(More)
In order to keep a stable customer group, strive for the enterprise marketing, retain customers, satisfy consumers to demand, a customer relationship management system is shown in this paper. We combine the current popular concept of customer relationship management(CRM) and management information system(MIS)together. Meanwhile structured object-oriented(More)
Nowadays the research on user model built in digital library for personalization service is lack of the collection of user context information. The paper analyses the Contextualized Attention Metadata(CAM), and constructs a CAM template to collect the user behavior context information. Depending on the information, a semantic context model of digital(More)
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