Caikou Chen

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The technique of two-dimensional principal component analysis (2DPCA) is analyzed and its essence is revealed. The image total scatter matrix of 2DPCA is in nature equivalent to the sum of all total scatter matrices of m training subsets in which the kth subset is formed by the kth line of each of all training images, where m is the number of lines(More)
A new face recognition algorithm, termed enhanced marginal fisher analysis (EMFA), is proposed in the paper. Different from MFA in which the construction of the interclass graph is based on the whole dataset, that is usually time-consuming, EMFA first find the nearest classes of each class using the mean vector of each class, then the marginal points can be(More)
Combining multiple cameras in a bigger multi-camera system give the opportunity to realize novel concepts (e.g. omnidirectional video, view interpolation) in real-time. The better the quality, the more data that is needed to be captured. As more data has a direct impact on storage space and communication bandwidth, it is preferable to reduce the load by(More)