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In the past decade, internet of things (IoT) has been a focus of research. Security and privacy are the key issues for IoT applications, and still face some enormous challenges. In order to facilitate this emerging domain, we in brief review the research progress of IoT, and pay attention to the security. By means of deeply analyzing the security(More)
With the support of mobile cloud computing, wireless body area networks can be significantly enhanced for massive deployment of pervasive healthcare applications. However, several technical issues and challenges are associated with the integration of WBANs and MCC. In this article, we study a cloud-enabled WBAN architecture and its applications in pervasive(More)
Machine to machine (M2M) communications will lead to dramatic changes in the applications and services offered to citizens, allowing smart city to become a reality. In this article, we first introduce the new tendency in M2M development and analyze the construction frame of application systems in smart city. Then, an event-based architecture depending on(More)
Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are widely being used in many environments (e.g., disaster relief and target tracking), and WSNs localization is still a crucial research area because of the new localization requirements for emerging application domains such as cyber-physical systems and cyber-transportation systems (CTS). In this article, we review(More)
Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major research topic for almost a decade now, where physical objects would be interconnected as a result of convergence of various existing technologies. IoT is rapidly developing; however there are uncertainties about its security and privacy which could affect its sustainable development. This paper analyzes the(More)
Cyber-physical systems (CPS) have emerged as a cutting edge technology for next-generation industrial applications, and are undergoing rapid development and inspiring numerous application domains. This article presents an innovative CPS application for energy management framework (EMF) towards autonomous electric vehicle (AEV) in smart grid. First, we give(More)
A new model of hybrid cloud computing architecture based on cloud bus is proposed. The system is based on local private cloud, combined with one or more type(s) of public cloud(s). The internal structures of private cloud and public cloud are the same, including infrastructure and virtualization layer, cloud platforms layer, cloud bus layer, cloud(More)