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We isolated the TaMYBsm1 genes, encoding R2R3-type MYB proteins in common wheat, aimed to uncover the possible molecular mechanisms related to drought response. The TaMYBsm1 genes, TaMYBsm1-A, TaMYBsm1-B and TaMYBsm1-D, were isolated and analyzed from the common wheat cultivar Shimai 15. Their expression patterns under PEG 6000 and mannitol were monitored(More)
TaUBA functions as a negative regulator of salt and drought stress response in transgenic Arabidopsis, either the UBA domain or the zinc finger domain is crucial for TaUBA’s function. TaUBA (DQ211935), which is a UBA domain-containing protein in wheat, was cloned and functionally characterized. Southern blot suggested that TaUBA is a low copy gene in common(More)
Ubiquitin-mediated proteolysis is involved in many biological processes in eukaryotes. SCF complex is a very important ubiquitin E3 ligase which has been exploited very well in plants. F-box protein characterized by an F-box motif is a subunit of SCF complex, which works as determinant in substrate recognition. Currently, many F-box proteins have been(More)
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