Cai-Yun Deng

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Directed membrane trafficking is believed to be crucial for axon development during neuronal morphogenesis. However, the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, we report a role of Lgl1, the mammalian homolog of Drosophila tumor suppressor Lethal giant larvae, in controlling membrane trafficking underlying axonal growth. We find that Lgl1 is(More)
Polarized membrane addition is crucial for axon development and elongation during neuronal morphogenesis. This process is believed to be regulated by directed membrane trafficking of Rab10-containing post-Golgi carriers. However, the mechanisms underlying the biogenesis of these carriers remain unclear. Here, we report that Rab10 interaction with myosin Vb(More)
Axon development requires membrane addition from the intracellular supply, which has been shown to be mediated by Rab10-positive plasmalemmal precursor vesicles (PPVs). However, the molecular mechanisms underlying the membrane trafficking processes of PPVs remain unclear. Here, we show that myristoylated alanine-rich C-kinase substrate (MARCKS) mediates(More)
Axon development and elongation require strictly controlled new membrane addition. Previously, we have shown the involvement of Rab10 in directional membrane insertion of plasmalemmal precursor vesicles (PPVs) during neuronal polarization and axonal growth. However, the mechanism responsible for PPV transportation remains unclear. Here we show that c-Jun(More)
Axon specification during neuronal polarization is closely associated with increased microtubule stabilization in one of the neurites of unpolarized neuron, but how this increased microtubule stability is achieved is unclear. Here, we show that extracellular matrix (ECM) component laminin promotes neuronal polarization via regulating directional microtubule(More)
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