Cai-Xiang Chen

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OBJECTIVE To detect neurovascular compression-induced structural abnormalities of trigeminal nerves (TGN) by diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). METHODS The affected ipsilateral TGN (iTGN) and unaffected contralateral TGN (cTGN) of 20 trifacial neuralgia (TN) patients as well as the bilateral TGN of 10 normal controls (nTGN) were examined by DTI and 3D high(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of high-resolution imaging obtainable with the higher field strength of 3.0 T on the visualization of the brain nerves in the posterior fossa. METHODS In total, 20 nerves were investigated on MRI of 12 volunteers each and selected for comparison, respectively, with the FSE sequences with 5 mm and 2 mm section(More)
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