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Event detection is one of the major applications of wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Most of existing medium access control (MAC) protocols are mainly optimized for the situation under which an event only generates one packet on a single sensor node. When an event generates multiple packets on a single node, the performance of these MAC protocols degrades(More)
UNLABELLED Objective : This study aims to explore the effects of soluble interleukin-6 receptor (IL-6R) on the clinical diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune rheumatic disease (ARD) patients. METHODS Sixty-eight ARD patients enrolled in our hospital recently were selected, the IL-6R levels of whom were detected by double-antibody sandwich ELISA method and(More)
Energy conversation is one of the primary objectives of duty cycle MAC protocols. Different synchronous and asynchronous duty cycle MAC protocols have been proposed in recent years. These protocols perform well under low traffic loads, but efficiency of these protocols degrade under high traffic loads. We present an asynchronous hybrid duty cycle MAC(More)
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