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The smart grid is a modern power grid infrastructure. As the power information integrates into Internet, it raises a challenge on security which threats the power system. To ensure the security of sensitive clouding data of electric power system, the straightforward approach is to encrypt such sensitive data. However, traditional cryptographic methods will(More)
Presents a cost estimation method based on function characteristics and the technique of quality function deployment (QFD). Based on the cost structure, the total costs of some well-known competitive products of the developed system are then investigated. The function levels of these well-known products are identified one by one by means of the QFD(More)
An expandable open simulation system structure based on HLA technology and against the background of detection and tracking ability analysis is designed according to the development of the current simulation technology and the actual requirements for detection tracking process and ability analysis system. Multi-sample and multi-run mechanism is designed in(More)
This paper proposes a self-adapt evolution support vector regression (SaDE-SVR) in order to improve the performance of traffic flow forecasting. By incorporating the Self-adapt differential evolution algorithm, the parameters of SVR are optimized during the training phase. Additionally, a numerical example of traffic flow data from Xi'an is used to evaluate(More)
A new interactive detection method is proposed in order to deal with the vehicle detection problem in complex scenarios. Each target vehicle is marked by hand as the initialization to our method; the PCA-HOG and discrete moment invariants features are extracted from the manually labeled window which is considered as the bounding box of the object. Then an(More)
In this paper, an experimental platform is established with a 1319nm Nd:YAG laser, through which the experimental research is carried out on the cone target characteristics under the condition of laser lighting. The images of the laser initiative illumination have been collected. This dissertation studies the methods to process the images of the laser(More)
EFP has already been used broadly in long distance anti-armor weaponry systems, and we try to use it to deal with the unexploded aero-ammunitions under the ground, and the design of EFP is the sticking point. We analyze the factors that affect jetting projectile formation of the shaped charge through numerical simulation. Grey relative degree of each factor(More)
Aimed at standard Support Vector Machine (SVM) having a high training complexity for image segmentation, a new method based on Ball Vector Machine (BVM) for image segmentation is proposed in this paper. The experimental results show that two methods for image segmentation have the same effect, but the training time of BVM is significantly lesser than that(More)
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