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Compared with serial robots, because of some advantages, e.g. higher stiffness, errors will not accumulate etc., parallel robot has much potential use on micro electromechanical systems. Although the robot is manufactured and assembled carefully, there are still some tiny errors between the nominal and actual values of parameters, which influence the(More)
A new two-stage SVM-based data fusion strategy is proposed and it is applied to obtain the accurate information of the robot gripper state. Support vector machines (SVM) operate on the principle of structure risk minimization which not only keeps the empirical risk minimal but also control VC confidence of discriminate functions, hence better generalization(More)
In order to achieve jumping performance similar with real frog, the frog-inspired robot is required to reach some velocity in takeoff phase. In this paper, trajectory planning method is introduced to analyze jumping performance under different takeoff velocities. Firstly, the kinematic model was built, and the dynamic equation was established using(More)
A closed loop self-calibration method for Delta mechanism and 3-RRR mechanism used in a double parallel haptic device was presented. This approach blocks successively one joint of each parallel mechanism using a simple lockup device and reforms the 3-DOF mechanism to be a 2-DOF one. The parameter errors of the mechanism are identified according to the(More)
Time delay over the Internet deteriorates the performance of multi-operator-multi-robot teleoperation system (MOMR). At present, several methods aiming at the problems of the Internet-based multi-telerobot collaboration only depend on the master side. In this paper, a coordinated controller was presented based on the idea of shared control that combined the(More)
Significant research have been devoted into the field of multi-robot teleoperation system over Internet. However, the low safety and efficiency due to time delay and complexity between multiple robots and operators prevent the teleoperation technology from developing. Specially, the possible collision between multiple robots has a great effect on the(More)
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