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A simulator is designed in MATLAB code which gives the propagation characteristics of a general-type beam in turbulent atmosphere. When the required source and medium parameters are entered, the simulator yields the average intensity profile along the propagation axis in a video format. In our simulator, the user can choose the option of a "user defined(More)
Undiluted blood samples are difficult to image in large volumes since blood constitutes a highly absorbing and scattering medium. As a result of this limitation, optical imaging of rare cells (e.g., circulating tumour cells) within unprocessed whole blood remains a challenge, demanding the use of special microfluidic technologies. Here we demonstrate a new(More)
The source and receiver plane characteristics of flat topped (FT) beam propagating in turbulent atmosphere are investigated. To this end, source size, beam power and M(2) factor of source plane FT beam are derived. For a turbulent propagation medium, via Huygens Fresnel diffraction integral, the receiver plane intensity is found. Power captured within an(More)
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