Cagil R. Ozansoy

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The Digital Ecosystem (DE) concept is a new emerging paradigm based on self-organizing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) nodes and links. A DE comprises digital devices also referred to as the Interdependent Digital Species (IDS). We extend the DE idea to that of a Digital Habitat Ecosystem Architecture (DHEA) where a DHEA is a DE used in built(More)
This chapter introduces the Digital Ecosystem (DE) concept and its application in the home environments. DEs are clusters of distributed and diverse digital components, which interact with each other in a self-organising, scalable, and sustainable manner. This could be viewed similar to the interaction of living organisms in a biological ecosystem. The DE(More)
Digital Ecosystem (DE) is the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) system, which includes both an open and loosely coupled network of self-organising ICT nodes and links. A DE is also a scalable distributed network of nodes where data can move freely between its nodes and trusted interpreters can access, edit or use these data for a range of(More)
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