Cagatay H. Ersahin

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This study assessed the state of melatonin MT(1) receptor coupling in sections of male rat caudal arteries by [35S]GTPgammaS binding autoradiography. The melatonin MT(1) receptor inverse agonist 4-phenyl-2-propionamidotetraline (4P-PDOT) (0.1-1 microM) significantly decreased [35S]GTPgammaS binding compared to basal, strongly suggesting the presence of(More)
Tumors or chronic inflammatory lesions of the occipital condyle may cause occipital pain associated with an ipsilateral hypoglossal nerve injury (occipital condyle syndrome). We describe a young woman with recurrent otitis media and occipital condyle syndrome associated with a limited form of Wegener's disease.
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