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We survey a number of packet loss recovery techniques for streaming audio applications operating using IP multicast. We begin with a discussion of the loss and delay characteristics of an IP multicast channel, and from this show the need for packet loss recovery. Recovery techniques may be divided into two classes: sender- and receiver-based. We compare and(More)
The revised Ad Hoc On-demand Distance Vector (AODVv2) routing protocol is intended for use by mobile routers in wireless, multihop networks. AODVv2 determines unicast routes among AODVv2 routers within the network in an on-demand fashion, offering rapid convergence in dynamic topologies. Internet-Drafts are draft documents valid for a maximum of six months(More)
We present a new reliability model for hard real-time systems. This is an extended Markov model, derived from an analysis of the generic properties of hard real-time systems subject to a simple random-fault model. Our model permits analysis of the run-time behaviour of a system, in order to derive the probability prooles of the system's completion/failure(More)
We present a new reliability model for hard real-time systems. This model uses a generic high-level formalism based upon a Markov c hain with a lattice structure which represents the progress of a computation, allowing both functional and time correctness of the system to be modelled. This is an improvement on traditional system reliability models which t(More)
The communication range of devices in a wireless ad hoc network is inherently limited, but it can be enhanced by interconnecting it to a wired network like the internet, thus forming a hybrid wireless network. This interconnection to improve scalability has been achieved by using gateways, which brings the biggest overhead in WANET accessing Internet. So a(More)
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