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Survivorship of children is dependent upon numerous variables, including the role that preferential treatment may play in biasing the birth and survival of sons and daughters across cultures. This study draws upon an evolutionary approach by examining a theory referred to as the “Trivers-Willard hypothesis” concerning condition-dependent sex allocation and(More)
Analysis of cholesterol levels in 34 forensic patients indicated significant associations with measures of the patients' perceptions of the emotional content in auditory stimuli. In particular, patients with low cholesterol showed hypersensitivity in the detection of anger and sadness. The authors hypothesize the involvement of serotonin in the(More)
The Trivers-Willard model (1973) predicts differential parental investment in children by sex and income; wealthier families will invest more in boys, while poorer families will invest more in girls. We investigated the TW Hypothesis in a sample of 103 six month old Tucson babies and their mothers. Hierarchical multiple regression equations were used(More)
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