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Anoxia occurs annually in deeper waters of the central portion of the Chesapeake Bay and presently extends from Baltimore to the mouth of the Potomac estuary. This condition, which encompasses some 5 billion cubic meters of water and lasts from May to September, is the result of increased stratification of the water column in early spring, with consequent(More)
The fossil sequences from cores across the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary show a, range of transition times and transition time intervals depending on the fossil indicators and the location of the site. These variations, together with the pattern of iridium distribution with depth at some sites, differences in total amounts of iridium, variations in noble(More)
The geologic record of terminal Cretaceous environmental events indicates that iridium and other associated elements were not deposited instantaneously but during a time interval spanning some 10,000 to 100,000 years. The available geologic evidence favors a mantle rather than meteoritic origin for these elements. These results are in accord with the(More)
Simplified models have been developed to obtain order of magnitude estimates of the oxygen demand of municipal and industrial wastes and of their potential eutrophication effects in the marine environment. The models have been applied to assess two major corrective actions that might be considered for such pollution problems-secondary sewage treatment and(More)
The emphasis in this report is upon methodology for use in evaluating the visual evoked response (VER), since our primary interest is in using it as a tool in the study of Naval problems. In order to employ the VER to full advantage, techniques have to be evolved to assess the significance of differences among evoked responses; two such methods are assessed(More)
Since laser radiation consists of essentially parellel rays, the wavelengths to which the ocular media is relatively transparent are focused by the eye at or near the fundus, greatly concentrating the energy in the process. Because retinal damage can result, the differential effects in terms of wavelength and power levels is of considerable importance. In(More)