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Image processing strongly relies on the quality of the input images, as images of good quality can significantly decrease the development effort for image processing and analysis algorithms. A flexible acquisition system for image enhancement, which is able to operate in real time under changing brightness conditions, is suggested. The system is based on(More)
Recent findings indicate that stable organized centers of rapid activity (mother rotors) are the maintaining mechanism of ventricular fibrillation (VF). A computer model study was performed for understanding how intracardiac cellular activity is reflected at the body surface. The model contained a driving region of fast periodic activity (22 Hz). On the(More)
Spectral analysis of ventricular fibrillation (VF) ECG has been used for predicting countershock success, where the Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) is the standard spectral estimator. Autoregressive (AR) spectral estimation should compute the spectrum with less computation time. This study compares the predictive power and computational performance of(More)
1. Introduction As the types of defects that are causing small leakage currents are more and more difficult to find with decreasing feature size, more advanced analysis strategies have to be developed to meet reliability demands. A method based on a delta Iddq test has been developed to sort out parts with potential reliability issues. Those parts are fully(More)
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