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An anion channel was isolated, using patch-clamp technique, from the basolateral membrane of goby intestinal epithelial cells. Single-channel conductance varied over a range from 20 to 90 pS. The channel was voltage-gated over the physiological range of cell membrane potential with depolarization increasing the proportion of time in the open state. There(More)
The columnar cell epithelium of the euryhaline goby (Gillichthys mirabilis) urinary bladder actively absorbs NaCl from the lumen, thereby driving water transport and reducing water loss to the hypertonic external environment. Transcellular transport of Cl- involves apical membrane entry via Na(+)-coupled cotransport driven by the Na+ electrochemical(More)
The intestine of euryhaline teleosts is an important osmoregulatory organ which actively absorbs Na + , G~ and water from the lumen. This ion-transporting epithelium experiences a variety of physical stimuli resulting from variations in luminal osmolality and distension and from peristaltic contractions. Using patch-clamp techniques in the inside-out(More)
The urinary bladder of euryhaline teleost is an important osmoregulatory organ which absorbs Na+, Cl-, and water from urine. Using patch clamp technique, single stretch-activated channels, which were permeable to K+ and Na+ (PNa/PK approximately 0.75) and had conductances of 55 and 116 pS, were studied. In excised, inside-out patches which were(More)
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