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Rats were tested using a lever pressing/feeding procedure in which a preferred food (Bioserve pellets) was available by pressing a lever on a fixed ratio 5 schedule, but a less preferred food (lab chow) was also available concurrently in the operant chamber. The effects of repeated (14 day) injections of haloperidol, clozapine and thioridazine were(More)
Mesenchimal tumors of the scrotum are rare lesions. Here, we describe a case of symplastic leiomyoma of the scrotum, in a 49-year old man. This is the third case reported in the world literature. Grossly, the lesion is a white-gray nodule, with fasciculated pattern, on sectioning. Histologically, the neoplasm is formed by whorling bundles of fusiform cells,(More)
Given its current preeminence, the “new genetics” serves as a source for creating identities among social and even national groups. Genetic narratives interact with historical and social narratives; what is extremely new (genomics) impacts, interacts with, and in many cases chafes against what is old (race and typologies). This article analyzes the debates(More)
Stapling instruments are being currently used for digestive or colorectal anastomoses with definite advantages. The authors report their initial clinical experience about BAR utilization to restore intestinal continuity after upper digestive and colorectal resections. The authors have been carried out 20 anastomoses on 18 patients: 11 males and 7 females.(More)
An examination is made of the relevant literature in the light of a case of shock due to serious hypersensitivity to high molecular weight (70,000) dextran. It is shown that similar cases occur with a certain frequency when dextran is used in situations other than surgery and frank shock. The reaction explodes in response to the first drops of the first(More)
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