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New phenomena and results are reported that implicate a common contour interpolation mechanism in illusory and occluded (modal and amodal) object completion. In 3 experiments, a speeded classification task was used to study novel quasimodal displays in which occluded and illusory contours join. Results showed the same advantages in speed and accuracy over(More)
Previous research on perceptual completion has emphasized how the spatial relationships of edges influence the visual integration of the image fragments that result from partial occlusion. We report studies testing the hypothesis that the similarity of surface features also influences visual integration, complementing edge interpolation processes. Using(More)
Hybrid electric buses have been a promising technology to improve fuel economy and vehicle drivability. Due to the distinct transient response characteristics between different power sources and the discontinuity of the transmitted clutch torque, the output torque fluctuations of hybrid powertrains and the resulting vehicle jerks may occur during mode(More)
The design approaches and a design case of the series-parallel hybrid electric propulsion system for ground vehicles are presented in this paper. Based on the analysis of the base units and the combination types of the series-parallel propulsion systems, a novel manual transmission is proposed to switch the propulsion system configuration in a low-cost(More)
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