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OBJECTIVES To investigate inter and intra-rater reliability of hand held (HHD) and externally fixed (EFD) dynamometry for shoulder internal (IR) and external rotation (ER) strength and their correlation to isokinetic testing. DESIGN Within participant, inter and intra-rater reliability study. PARTICIPANTS Twenty active, healthy male and female(More)
The self-assembly of helical supramolecular structures from chiral building units is a basic principle of biological materials. The mesoscopic structure of a chiral molecular aggregate, which formed spontaneously from a nonchiral J-aggregating cyanine dye in aqueous solution, is presented. In single crystals (as shown in the picture) a coexistance of planar(More)
The level of Fc receptor rosette-forming lymphocytes (Fc-RFL) was examined in spleen and lymph node cell suspension from neonatal DA and BN rats inoculated within 24 hr of birth with either allogeneic L (experimental) or syngeneic (control) lymphoid cells. In addition, these levels were compared to fetal and neonatal animals that received no injection. The(More)
Semiconductor memories have, since 1970, been a significant factor in data storage. This has been especially true in Random Access memories and is becoming true of the slower serial access memories. The manufacture of semiconductor memories takes place in two stages; the batch manufacture of the dice as wafers and the piece-by-piece assembly of the good(More)
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