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In high frequency induction heating applications, the inverters used to generate the high frequency alternating current are implemented with MOSFET. In order to avoid the failure of the MOSFET intrinsic diode, each switch is formed by two extern diodes which are connected to the MOSFET, one in series, and the other one in anti-parallel with both devices. If(More)
This paper analyses the behaviour of the DC-link of a high power (50 kW), high frequency (150 kHz) voltage fed inverter with a series resonant load circuit for industrial induction heating applications which is characterized by a full bridge inverter with a power control based on pulse density modulation (PDM). The operation of this power control strategy(More)
CA SE PRE SENTATION A 48-year-old black male was referred to the Glaucoma Service at the Medical College of Georgia in Augusta 8 days after he was hit in the left eye by an unexploded firework. The patient initially presented to an outside ER, where a CT scan showed a fracture of the orbital floor without entrapment of the inferior rectus muscle. The globe(More)
CA SE PRE SENTATION A 35-year-old white male presented to the Glaucoma Service at the Scheie Eye Institute in Philadelphia with a complaint of decreased vision in his right eye after undergoing bilateral LASIK for myopia 8 months earlier. Before undergoing refractive surgery, he had been diagnosed with ocular hypertension due to IOPs measuring in the upper(More)
In induction heating applications, the component being heated is very close to the heating coil. Due to the high temperatures reached during the process, isolation is not always possible and short-circuits may happen. Two main types of short-circuit should be considered: complete inductor's short-circuit and short-circuit between windings. Parallel resonant(More)
This paper aims to determine the maximum frequency achievable in a 25 kW series inverter for induction heating applications and to compare, in hard switching conditions, four fast transistors IGBTs 600A and 1200V modules encapsulated in 62mm from different suppliers. The comparison has been done at 25 and 125ºC in a set-up. Important differences(More)
CA SE PRE SENTATION In 1999, a 55-year-old white female with large cups in both eyes presented to us for glaucoma evaluation. The patient’s past medical history was significant for goiter and migraine, and she had a strong family history of glaucoma; her mother and two maternal aunts had been diagnosed with the disease. The patient had smoked two packs of(More)
A new firing strategy for a resonant current fed inverter based in switches formed only by IGBTs, without the series diode, is presented in this paper. It is described the behavior of the inverter topology proposed and two different strategies for its reliable operation are explained: control of the switching current level, and control of the over-current(More)
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