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BACKGROUND Intraoperative smear cytology provides a rapid and reliable intraoperative diagnosis and guidance to the neurosurgeon during surgical resection and lesion targeting. It also helps the surgeon to monitor and modify the approach at surgery. OBJECTIVES 1) To assess the utility of intraoperative smear cytology and correlate with the final(More)
In this paper, a novel low-power high performance pulse-triggered flip-flop using conditional pulse enhancement design method is presented. Our proposed design is Enhanced Pulse Triggered Low-power Flip Flop (EPTLFF). It design is done by the pulse generation control logic, an AND function, is removed from the critical path to facilitate a faster discharge(More)
A major challenge to achieving positional control of fluid borne submicron sized objects is regulating their Brownian fluctuations. We present a magnetic-field-based trap that regulates the thermal fluctuations of superparamagnetic beads in suspension. Local domain-wall fields originating from patterned magnetic wires, whose strength and profile are tuned(More)
Adenofibroma is an extremely rare benign biphasic neoplasm that is classified into the mixed epithelial and mesenchymal tumor group. These tumors tend to occur in postmenopausal and elderly women. We report the case of a large polypoidal mass per vagina occupying the whole pelvis in a young woman. Preoperative biopsy showed benign epithelial and mullerian(More)
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