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An RNA virus, designated hepatitis G virus (HGV), was identified from the plasma of a patient with chronic hepatitis. Extension from an immunoreactive complementary DNA clone yielded the entire genome (9392 nucleotides) encoding a polyprotein of 2873 amino acids. The virus is closely related to GB virus C (GBV-C) and distantly related to hepatitis C virus,(More)
Classically, the estrogen signaling system has two core components: cytochrome P450 aromatase (CYP19), the enzyme complex that catalyzes the rate limiting step in estrogen biosynthesis; and estrogen receptors (ERs), ligand activated transcription factors that interact with the regulatory region of target genes to mediate the biological effects of estrogen.(More)
Compared 154 parents of Schizophrenic Maladjusted, and Community young people (S, M, C) through the Conflict in Marriage Scale (CIMS), an agree-disagree card sort. Both men and women could be differentiated accurately according to the diagnostic group of their offspring (discriminant function analysis). On CIMS items that showed at least a 20% difference(More)
Frank Sohn, on whom the following observations were made, was a hypnotic subject of Mr. Santanelli, a professional hypnotist. The boy had become so subjective that Mr. Santanelli proposed to keep him in a continuous hypnotic sleep for a week, without food or drink, and to use the seven-days sleeper as an additional attraction for his nightly exhibitions of(More)
Forty-two manic-depressive inpatients and their spouses, as well as 30 "normal" pairs from the community, reported on marital dissension through the Conflict in Marriage Scale (CIMS), an agree-disagree card sort. The marriages of manic-depressives were significantly higher in acknowledged conflict then those of community pairs, and the patients reported(More)
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