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OBJECTIVE To compare the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of three methods of inviting women with a long history of non-attendance to undergo cervical screening. METHODS Randomized controlled trial and cost-effectiveness analysis. In all, 1140 women were identified from routine NHS screening records as having no smear for at least 15 years and(More)
BACKGROUND Rising obesity and declining physical activity levels are of great concern because of the associated health risks. Many children are left unsupervised after the school day ends, but little is known about the association between unsupervised time and physical activity levels. This paper seeks to determine whether adolescent girls who are without(More)
Most rehabilitation centers only admit patients for rehabilitation who have a reasonable chance of being discharged to a noninstitutional setting. With certain classifications, such as stroke, 20 to 30% of patients are often discharged to a skilled nursing facility (SNF). Problems associated with rehabilitation admission procedures make careful psychosocial(More)
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