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The recent revision on the taxonomic status of Lepadogaster lepadogaster resulted in the division of this species into L. lepadogaster and L. purpurea, the clarification of each species’ distribution ranges and the elimination of L. zebrina (now in synonymy with L. lepadogaster). This new taxonomic status led to the need of clarifying the early development(More)
Gilbert, K. A. 1997. Red howling monkey use of specific defecation sites as a parasite avoidance strategy. Anim. Efeitos da fragmentação de hábitat sobre a prevenção de parasitoses intestinais em Alouatta belzebul (Primates, Platyrrhini) na Amazônia Oriental. A coprological survey of parasites of wild mantled howling monkeys, Alouatta palliata palliata.(More)
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