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We tested the hypothesis that adult male arctic ground squirrels (Spermophilus parryii plesius) exhibit an adaptive stress response during the mating period that may compromise their survival, whereas males at other times (nonreproductive adult males and juvenile males) have a normal functional stress response. We assessed the physiological responsiveness(More)
A hormonal-challenge protocol was used to compare the stress response of males of Arctic ground squirrels and red squirrels during the breeding season (May). These squirrels live in the same boreal forest of the Yukon, but have very different life histories and utilize the forest in markedly different ways. Red squirrels had levels of total cortisol,(More)
Studies using stable-isotope analysis documented an enrichment in δ15N values in nutritionally stressed animals. Investigators suggested that changes in δ15N values measured in urine, hair, and blood may be a good indicator of lean-tissue losses. During our investigations into the effects of population density on body condition and reproduction of female(More)
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