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A novel approach to the treatment of chronic migraine headaches based on neurostimulation of both occipital and supraorbital nerves was developed and reduced to clinical practice in a series of patients with headaches unresponsive to currently available therapies. Following positive trials, seven patients with chronic migraine and refractory chronic(More)
A case of thoracic spinal cord compression caused by intradural extramedullary cyst associated with aspergilloma is presented. The specific diagnosis was extremely difficult and required specialized tissue studies. Clinical suspicion of fungal infection, surgical intervention for spinal cord decompression, and tissue biopsy and relentless diagnostic(More)
Procedure 34(a)(1), the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission submits that oral argument would assist the Court's resolution of this case. The issues in this case concern certain aspects of the so-called " bandwidth remedy, " required by the Commission and implemented through a Commission-approved tariff, which mandates an annual process of calculating and(More)
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