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A national pilot study for detecting congenital hypothyroidism by radioimmunoassay of thyroid-stimulating hormone concentrations in dried blood was incorporated into the newborn screening programme in Ireland on 1 August 1979. The programme has been monitored by a steering committee and follows the guidelines set by the European Society of Paediatric(More)
Relatively few papers have examined specific causes for Medical Emergency Team (MET) review and the assessment and management undertaken by the MET. The aim of our study was to describe the type of patients who require MET review, the reasons such reviews are requested and the subsequent immediate management of these patients. Our prospective single-centre(More)
As a central tenet of falsificationism, Karl Popper holds that all possible scientific theories individually have a probability equal to zero. Popper’s position rests upon the Principle of Indifference, the equiprobability of mutually exclusive outcomes, to derive this zero probability. In this paper, I will illustrate that the Principle of Indifference(More)
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