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Whole-lake additions of dissolved inorganic 13C were used to measure allochthony (the terrestrial contribution of organic carbon to aquatic consumers) in two unproductive lakes (Paul and Peter Lakes in 2001), a nutrient-enriched lake (Peter Lake in 2002), and a dystrophic lake (Tuesday Lake in 2002). Three kinds of dynamic models were used to estimate(More)
We used a longline tethering method to examine the relationship between prey refugia, prey body morphology and the location and magnitude of predation mortality within an individual lake and among three lakes that differed in coarse woody habitat (CWH) and aquatic macrophyte abundances. Predation events were lowest in the macrophyte and/or CWH refuges,(More)
A theoretical and practical approach to economize the analysis of large DNA sample numbers for identifying heterozygosity of the delta F508 mutation causing cystic fibrosis is presented. Sample pooling can reduce the number of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for this mutation by up to 77%. Based on a mathematical model, the optimal number (n) of(More)
Von 650.000 Neugeborenen pro Jahr in Deutschland erkranken etwa 7000 am Termin geborene an einer Sepsis. Etwa 1,3 % der Neugeborenen kommen als sehr kleine (untergewichtige) Frühgeborene mit einem Geburtsgewicht < 1500 g (VLBW: „very low birth weight“) zur Welt und tragen ein bis zu 10-fach höheres Sepsisrisiko von 15 %. Das komplexe Zusammenspiel von(More)
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