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Methods Aiming improvement of the quality of antibiotic use based on the e-health concept in a 280-bed, paper-free, general hospital, Infection Control Committee (ICC), along with Quality and Antibiotics Committees (Q&A) and IT team, has been working on implementation of new tools at several levels. On the electronic medical record, a new template for(More)
Introduction Antimicrobial resistance is a major issue of of healthcare and new resistances are being observed. Antibiotics should be used strictly . When prescribed, they should be selected in accordance to a diagnosis, epidemiology and other factors, requiring appropriate dosing and duration of treatment. Antibiotic prescription should be seen as a team(More)
  • BS Ana, C Palos
  • Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control
  • 2013
This videoclip aims to introduce visitors and patients on the hospital hand hygiene policy and procedures as well as a reminding for professionals on daily basis. The video explains in a simple and attractive way, how to proceed, using a combination of avatar technology and real persons.SPECIAL; SPECIAL;Videoclips are a part of a global awareness and(More)
  • V Pinto, A Bispo, C Palos, L Caldas
  • Antimicrobial Resistance and Infection Control
  • 2015
Methods ICAC implemented a methodology based on the relationship between the Electronic Medical Registry (EMR), Lab, Infection Control Nurse (ICN) and the Site Manager Nurse (SMN), comprising the following steps: 1)At inpatient admission, namely on the Emergency Room (ER), a 8 question tool named Electronic Epidemiological Query on Admission (EEQA) is(More)
Methods Hospital da Luz, a paper-free hospital, developed a plan for initial approach and follow-up of suspect cases, based on the e-health concept, coordinated by the Infection Control Committee (ICC) and in collaboration with the Internal Medicine Department. Approach included risk assessment using a electronic medical registry: “Flu tool” – a(More)
Introduction Portugal has one of the highest MRSA infection and colonization rates in Europe, so it becomes critical to identify MRSA colonized patients at hospital admission on the Emergency Room (ER), before placement into wards, preventing the mixing of colonized patients with non-colonized ones. Infection Control and Antibiotics Committee (ICAC)(More)
HAI prevention and control applies to all settings of care. Screening and isolation of patients are tools that improve HAI prevention and control effectiveness. Awareness, understanding and compliance to different isolation precautions are a major problem for patients and visitors. This videoclip aims to introduce visitors and patients on the hospital(More)
Background HAI prevention and control is an essential component of patient safety. Healthcare workers awareness, knowledge and adherence are crucial in order to obtain the best results. This videoclip aims to provide healthcare workers (physicians, nurses, etc) on general concepts and practices on infection control, using a combination of avatar technology(More)