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Calpain, a member of the group of cysteine protease enzymes, has been recognized as a promising drug target for several diseases, including cataract. In the present study, an attempt was made to identify potential inhibitors of calpain by employing a pharmacophore-based virtual screening and docking approach. A knowledge-based 3D pharmacophore model was(More)
Fusarium species may form reproductive structures in tissue, a phenomenon known as `adventitious sporulation’ [1]. If Fusarium-specific adventitious sporulation (phialides and phialoconidia morphologically suggestive of Fusarium species, and irregular hyphae with both 45° and 90o branching) is seen in a tissue lesion, a preliminary diagnosis of Fusarium(More)
BACKGROUND In microspherophakia, abnormal laxity of the lenticular zonules leads to development of a spherical lens and possible subluxation. We evaluated long-term results of lens removal with scleral-fixated intraocular lens (SFIOL) implantation in microspherophakia. MATERIALS AND METHODS Case series. SF IOLs were implanted in four consecutive patients(More)
To compare data on anatomical and biometric parameters, and their combination, obtained by using ultrasound biomicroscopy (UBM) and A-scan in eyes with phacomorphic glaucoma (PG) and eyes with mature cataract and to determine differences that may predispose to development of PG. Eighty patients (80 eyes) were enrolled in this cross-sectional study. Anterior(More)
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