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65nm CMOS high speed, general purpose and low power transistor technology for high volume foundry application
This paper presents a state-of-the-art 65nm CMOS transistor technology using 300mm bulk substrate. Device offering is classified as High Speed (HS), General Purpose (G) and Low Power (LP) so as toExpand
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A highly scaled, high performance 45 nm bulk logic CMOS technology with 0.242 μm2 SRAM cell
  • K. Cheng, C. Wu, +35 authors C. Wu
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  • IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting
  • 1 December 2007
A highly scaled, high performance 45 nm CMOS technology utilizing extensive immersion lithography to achieve the industry's highest scaling factor with ELK (k=2.55) BEOL is presented. A record gateExpand
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First test of orbit response matrix in proton storage ring
The orbit response matrix method is applied to experimentally determine the Cooler Ring optics at the Indiana University Cyclotron Facility (IUCF). We have carried out two experiments in Oct. AndExpand
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Diffusion mechanism of particle beams in the presence of phase modulation in double RF systems
The particle diffusion mechanism due to phase modulation on one of the RF cavities in a double RF system is studied. We find that the Einstein relation is satisfied if there is a global chaos in theExpand
Measurement of space charge effect on transverse emittance
The SNS accumulator ring is designed to compress 1.5/spl times/10/sup 14/ 1 GeV protons from a bunch train of 1000 /spl mu/s H/sup -/ to a single proton bunch with bunch length 700 ns. The injectionExpand
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Siberian snake experiments at the IUCF Cooler Ring
Recent polarized proton beam experiments in the IUCF Cooler Ring found an evidence for a second-order snake depolarizing resonance, when the vertical betatron tune was inadvertently set near aExpand
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Backend process for cylindrical Ru/Ta/sub 2/O/sub 5//Ru capacitor for future DRAM
A novel backend process is developed for the cylindrical Ru/Ta/sub 2/O/sub 5//Ru capacitor for 130 nm generation DRAMs to achieve good electrical characteristics. Forming gas (3%H/sub 2//97%N/sub 2/)Expand
Cylindrical Ru-SrTiO/sub 3/-Ru capacitor technology for 0.11 /spl mu/m generation DRAMs
We have developed a cylindrical Ru/ST/Ru capacitor for gigabit-scale DRAMs. Using cylindrical CVD-Ru as a storage node (SN), a new 2-step CVD-ST was employed to improve ST step coverage, surfaceExpand
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Beam motions near separatrix
Experimental data on particle motion near the separatrix of the one dimensional (1-D) fourth-integer islands are analyzed. When the beam bunch is initially kicked to the separatrix orbit, we observedExpand
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