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State and transition modeling : An ecological process approach
State-and-transition models hold great potential to aid in understanding rangeland ecosystems' response to natural and/or management-induced disturbances by providing a framework for organizingExpand
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Historical Aspects of Fish
The rapid perishability of fish, as compared with meat, for example, has at all times and places made preservation against putrefaction an urgent necessity. Historical aspects of the variousExpand
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Revisiting the role of policy in regional innovation systems
  • C., Carrincazeaux
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Future Interests : Express and Implied Conditions of Survival Part IIt
Edward C. Halback, Jr.* r s Is the second of two installments of this article, which is concerned th the question of whether the holder of a future interest is required to survive until a date laterExpand
Security Interests , Misbehavior , and Common Pools
The Modigliani-Miller Theorem on the irrelevance of corporate capital structure is perhaps the best-known result in modern finance. Simply put, the theorem states that, under certain assumptions, theExpand
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Constructive typologies investigation and approach proposals for the valuation of masonry arch state
A great many among ancient bridges that are still used regularly for the urban mobility, have a lot of problems, caused often by the absence of appropriate maintenance interventions: in fact , anExpand