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Phylogeography of the fungal pathogen Histoplasma capsulatum
Combining DNA substitution rates of protein‐coding genes with the phylogeny suggests that the radiation of Histoplasma started between 3 and 13 million years ago in Latin America. Expand
Conventional versus molecular diagnostic tests.
In this session, emphasis was placed on the diagnosis of various mycoses through the identification of antibodies and antigens in sera, as well as on new techniques to properly identify medicallyExpand
A critical analysis of isolation of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis from soil.
The large number of negative reports in attempts involving soil samples and the low repeatability of isolation of the fungus from the same area indicate that the specific conditions supporting growth of the pathogen in soil have not been fully clarified. Expand
Phaeohyphomycotic Cyst Caused byColletotrichum crassipes
This case represents the first known reported infection caused by this rare species and was reported in a male renal transplant recipient with a nodular lesion in the right leg who was treated with immunosuppressing drugs. Expand
Molecular detection and identification of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
Nearly 800 nucleotides from the 5' terminus of the 28S ribosomal gene of Paracoccidioides brasiliensis were sequenced, and a 14-base DNA probe specific for this species was identified. HybridizationExpand
Subcutaneous mucormycosis caused by Mucor hiemalis Wehmer f. luteus (Linnemann) Schipper 1973
A case of subcutaneous mucormycosis in a diabetic patient with verrucous lesions in the fourth finger of the right hand is reported, initially diagnosed as a fixed cutaneous sporotrichosis case, with success obtained with the use of potassium iodide with healing of the lesion in nearly 5 months. Expand
Mycetoma in an HIV-infected patient.
A case that to their knowledge is the first reported case of mycetoma associated with HIV infection is presented, and the unusual site of infection may probably be related to the use of contaminated needless and syringes for HIV drug injection. Expand
Immune-allergic survey with spherulin in a general hospital from São Paulo, Brasil.?
The present study confirms the earlier report from Lacaz et al. (2) showing that coccidioidomycosis does not occur in north, middle or southeast Brazil, and confirming previous investigations from Versiani (3) and Lacaz (1), that spherulin does not cross-react in patients with South American BlastomyCosis. Expand
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