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New developments in our understanding of acne pathogenesis and treatment
Abstract:  Interest in sebaceous gland physiology and its diseases is rapidly increasing. We provide a summarized update of the current knowledge of the pathobiology of acne vulgaris and newExpand
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Epidemiological features of Adamantiades-Behçet's disease in Germany and in Europe.
The German Registry of Adamantiades-Behçet's disease was founded in 1990 in Berlin and it provides current data on the epidemiology, the clinical manifestations and the course of the disease inExpand
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Epidemiology of Adamantiades-Behçet's disease.
  • C. Zouboulis
  • Medicine
  • Annales de medecine interne
  • 1 October 1999
Adamantiades-Behçet's disease is a universal disorder with varying prevalence, i.e. 80-370 patients per 100,000 inhabitants in Turkey, 2-30 patients per 100,000 inhabitants in the Asian continent andExpand
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European Evidence‐based (S3) Guidelines for the Treatment of Acne
Subcommittee Members: Dr. Alexander Nast, Berlin (Germany) Dr. Cristina Oprica, Stockholm (Sweden) Prof. Dr. Brigitte Dreno, Nantes (France) Mrs. Stefanie Rosumeck, Berlin (Germany) Dr. VincenzoExpand
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Mucocutaneous Lesions of Behçet's Disease
Behçet's disease is particularly prevalent in "Silk Route" populations, but it has a global distribution. The diagnosis of the disease is based on clinical criteria as there is as yet noExpand
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Acne and sebaceous gland function.
  • C. Zouboulis
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Clinics in dermatology
  • 1 September 2004
The embryologic development of the human sebaceous gland is closely related to the differentiation of the hair follicle and the epidermis. The number of sebaceous glands remains approximately theExpand
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Sexual hormones in human skin.
The skin locally synthesizes significant amounts of sexual hormones with intracrine or paracrine actions. The local level of each sexual steroid depends upon the expression of each of the androgen-Expand
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Prevalence, severity, and severity risk factors of acne in high school pupils: a community-based study.
A cross-sectional, community-based study was performed to determine the prevalence and severity of acne vulgaris in adolescents and of factors influencing the acne severity risk. The presence of acneExpand
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Enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of leukotriene B4 and prostaglandin E2 are active in sebaceous glands
The expression of enzymes involved in leukotriene and prostaglandin signalling pathways, of interleukins 6 and 8 and of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in sebaceous glands ofExpand
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Establishment and characterization of an immortalized human sebaceous gland cell line (SZ95).
Human facial sebaceous gland cells were transfected with a PBR-322-based plasmid containing the coding region for the Simian virus-40 large T antigen. The resulting proliferating cell cultures haveExpand
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