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Antimicrobial constituents from fruits ofAilanthus altissima SWINGLE
A new naturally occurring sterol, compound5, and six known stigmasterols were isolated from fruits ofAilanthus altissima Swingle by repeated column chromatography and RP-HPLC. Their structures wereExpand
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A new ferulic acid ester and other constituents from Dracocephalum peregrinum
A new ferulic acid ester, 1′-methyl-2′-hydroxyethyl ferulate (1), together with methylcaffeate (2), 4-hydroxy cinnamic acid (3), ferulic acid (4), caffeic acid (5), diosmetin (6), luteolin (7),Expand
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A new cerebroside from fruits of Ailanthus altissima Swingle
A new cerebroside and three known cycloartan triterpenes were isolated from fruits of Ailanthus altissima Swingle. Their structures were identified as 1-O-β-D-glucopyranosyl-(2S, 3R, 4E,Expand
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Flavonoids from Galium verum L.
Two new flavonoids, compounds 1 and 2, together with seven known flavonoids, were isolated from Galium verum L. Their structures were elucidated as diosmetinExpand
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A new anthraquinone from Galium verum L.
A new anthraquinone (4) and three known anthraquinones (1–3) were isolated from Galium verum L. Their structures were identified as 1,3-dihydroxy-2-methylanthraquinone (1), physcion (2),Expand
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Two new anthraquinones from Hedyotis diffusa W.
Two new anthraquinones, 2,6-dihydroxy-3-methyl-4-methoxyanthraquinone (1) and 2-hydroxy-7-hydroxymethyl-3-methoxyanthraquinone (2), were isolated from Hedyotis diffusa W. Their structures wereExpand
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Two new compounds from Helichrysum arenarium (L.)
Two new compounds were isolated from the whole plant of Helichrysum arenarium (L.) Moench. By means of spectroscopic data (IR, UV, 1D and 2D NMR, HR-MS, ESI-MS, and NOESY) and chemical evidence, theExpand
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A New Flavonoid Glycoside from Scutellaria barbata
A new flavonoid glycoside 1, together with nine known compounds, has been isolated from Scutellaria barbata D. Don. The structure of compound 1 was elucidated as acacetinExpand