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Deoxygenation of Bio-oil during Pyrolysis of Biomass in the Presence of CaO in a Fluidized-Bed Reactor
The direct deoxygenation effect of CaO on bio-oil during biomass pyrolysis in a fluidized-bed reactor was studied. Bio-oils were produced from white pine in the presence and absence of CaO at 520 °CExpand
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Achievable high Voc of carbon based all-inorganic CsPbIBr2 perovskite solar cells through interface engineering
In this work, a simple interface engineering process for SnO2 electron selective layer (ESL) surface passivation employing a SnCl2 solution is introduced, which has successfully reduced the energyExpand
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Challenging applications for multi-element analysis by laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in agriculture: A review
A review of the recent developments and applications of laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy in the field of agriculture. Expand
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Design of a novel and highly stable lead-free Cs2NaBiI6 double perovskite for photovoltaic application
In recent years, lead-based perovskites have become the most promising photovoltaic materials, showing excellent photoelectronic performance. However, the lead-based perovskites also exhibitExpand
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Nondestructive quality assessment of chili peppers using near-infrared hyperspectral imaging combined with multivariate analysis
Abstract There is an increasing demand of chili peppers due to their special taste and numerous applications through a number of markets, and high quality is crucial for both producers and customers.Expand
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Simultaneous Dual-Wavelength Operation of Nd-Doped Yttrium Orthovanadate Self-Raman Laser at 1175 nm and Undoped Gadolinium Orthovanadate Raman Laser at 1174 nm
A diode-pumped actively Q-switched Nd-doped yttrium orthovanadate self-Raman emission at 1175 nm and undoped gadolinium orthovanadate Raman emission at 1174 nm dual-wavelength laser is demonstrated.Expand
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Current Advancements in Material Research and Techniques Focusing on Lead-free Perovskite Solar Cells
Organic–inorganic lead halide perovskite solar cells (PSCs) recently achieved a photo-to-electricity conversion efficiency (PCE) of 22.1%. They drew much attention as promising photovoltaic devices.Expand
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Several economical and eco-friendly bio-carbon electrodes for highly efficient perovskite solar cells
Abstract One of the major problems limits the applications of perovskite solar cells (PSCs) is the high cost of hole transporting materials (HTMs) and noble metallic electrodes. For HTMs andExpand
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An in situ sample environment reaction cell for spatially resolved X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies of powders and small structured reactors.
An easy-to-use sample environment reaction cell for X-ray based in situ studies of powders and small structured samples, e.g., powder, pellet, and monolith catalysts, is described. The design of theExpand
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Determination of Pigments Concentration of Oilseed Rape ( Brassica napus L.) Leaves Using Hyperspectral Imaging
Abstract. A hyperspectral imaging system covering the spectral range 380-1030 nm was used to estimate leaf pigment concentration. Spectral information of rape leaves were extracted from theExpand
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